For complex assets and plans, Lagen Investment Services provides administrative knowledge and support. Our comprehensive services cover the whole investing process across a wide range of fund strategies, living areas, and structures, from regular daily activities to complex portfolio management.

Business Innovators

The ability to tailor our business through our unique approach in order to best serve our clients.

We are financial planners, asset advisers, business builders, next-generation, retirement planners, innovators, investment advisors, succession planners, entrepreneurs, and business owners at Lagen Investment.

Strive for Complexity and Continuity

We can adjust methods and outputs to our clients' demands due to our broad capabilities and extensive expertise. We have cutting-edge technologies to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Lagen Investment Expanded Services

Our wide global network and diverse expertise enable us to provide a variety of fund administration services, including:

  • Global custody and preservation
  • Equities and options trading and execution
  • Foreign exchange
  • Depositary services
  • Liquidity solutions
  • Share class hedging

Middle-office Services

Our middle-office services offer a comprehensive daily book of record to support your strategy and trading:

  • Trade confirmation and documentation
  • Security master and reference data
  • Processing of trade lifecycle events
  • Dividends and interest
  • Corporate actions
  • Swap lifecycle events
  • Complex asset servicing
  • Settlements
  • Capital management
  • Daily valuation
  • Profit and Loss Statement

Back-office Services

Investors and regulators can benefit from a variety of services, including:

  • NAV (Net Asset Value) processing
  • Investor servicing
    • Flexible models for investor interaction and involvement
    • Processing of subscription redemptions
    • Partnership accounting and fee calculation
    • Financial reporting to investors
  • Accounting policy and audit support
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Tax support
  • Regulatory reporting


Manage your capital wisely with data and tools that help you make better decisions:

  • Risk services
  • Post-trade compliance analytics
  • Performance reporting
  • Cash projection
  • Cash optimization
  • Collateral management
  • Treasury solutions