Responsible Investment


We are committed to incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into our investment decision-making process. We have put in place and follow responsible investment regulations.

A Commitment to True Independence

Unwavering Values of Integrity, Commitment, Flexibility, and Responsiveness

Lagen Investment, which is owned by its senior management team, considers that it is critical to function as a truly independent financial adviser with an unbiased vision and approach to financial services products.

Investment Process

Our Research team is required to examine ESG factors in the investment process at all times, and our Investment Committee scrutinizes all aspects of our systematic investment methods, including these ESG factors.

We are constantly evaluating numerous sources of ESG raw and derived data in order to find the finest indicators and include them in our systematic methodology.

ESG Implementation

At the fund level, we have incorporated ESG improvements into our existing products.

  • ESG integration in our Equity Market Neutral strategies with the addition of proprietary ESG elements;
  • Issuers involved in harmful activities are excluded.


Commitment to Responsible Investing and Diversity

Corporate Responsibility

Lagen Investment has been working to establish and promote industry-wide norms of good governance, openness, integrity, and ownership practices.

We recognize that a long-term value generation plan that is both sustainable and responsible is critical for all stakeholders.

Lagen Investment is committed to incorporating Responsible Investing into their investment decision-making. We have chosen to employ internal resources to discover the best approaches for applying responsible investing throughout our systems and operations as a scientific, data-driven firm.

Diversity and Inclusion

We make it a priority to build and maintain a diverse work environment and culture. Diversity, ownership, and professional advancement are all encouraged in our firm's culture.

We at Lagen Investment value diversity. Our benefit comes from our diverse origins, thoughts, opinions, experiences, and methods. This is true not only for the way fund managers run our investment franchises but also for our own company.

For us, diversity and inclusion comprise several major aspects.

Lagen Investment as an Employer

Diversity and inclusion are integrated into our business through:

  • Our corporate values
  • Policies to attract, retain, reward, and support our people
  • Ways of training and communicating with our people

Lagen Investment as an Investor

We promote diversity and inclusion in the firms we invest in through:

  • Engagement with the boards of investee companies
  • Voting at company AGMs (Annual General Meetings)
  • Reporting on investee company activities

Lagen Investment on a Larger Scale

A focus on diversity and inclusion is integrated into our charitable activities through:

  • The Lagen Investment Charitable Foundation
  • Financial support offered to charities
  • Volunteering opportunities