Our Investment Approach and Our Services

Our company – providing advanced investment strategies and asset management solutions to forward-thinking investors around the world – relies heavily on delivering excellence in all areas. Success entails a strong work ethic, as well as talent and dedication.

High-Quality Service

A set of core beliefs that guide the company's actions.

The culture of a company has an impact on its reputation. Furthermore, how a firm's management and staff interact with advisors and handle business activity can be compared to the firm's defined goals and principles.

Lagen Investment's human capital management approach is built on three pillars:

  • Attract the best investment talent available;
  • Foster an open, inclusive, and employee-centric culture that is guided by our mission and fundamental values;
  • Encourage dedication to excellence as well as a culture of lifelong learning and professional development.

Lagen Investment aspires to high levels of employee engagement. We strive to foster a culture where brilliant employees collaborate to provide exceptional results for our clients and business partners. We aim to provide a work environment and career prospects that encourage dedicated employees to stay with the company for the rest of their careers.

Management Committee

The Management Committee of Lagen Investment is now made up of several senior officials from different departments. The Management Committee is in charge of all major decisions involving Lagen Investment and its clients. Internally, the Committee also teaches and promotes our business culture.

Departmental Leadership

Our departmental leadership oversees the many operating divisions within Lagen Investment, in addition to our investment and client service teams. This group of specialists is in charge of the firm's day-to-day operations.

Local and International Equities

For various mandates, all members of the local equity team have both analyst and portfolio management responsibilities. The research is done in a group setting. They talk about various holdings in their portfolios as a group and offer advice on the sector(s) in which they specialize. Implementation and execution are the responsibility of co-lead portfolio managers.

Fixed Income

Our active management of fixed-income mandates follows a disciplined, team-based strategy, with the team operating under a co-portfolio manager structure. They use a collaborative approach to decision-making, with each leader bringing experience in different aspects of fixed-income portfolio management. The entire fixed-income team works in an open environment where ideas are constantly exchanged. The idea-generating process is an "open-level playing field" in which all team members' ideas are taken into account.

Institutional Client Service

Our Institutional Client Service team is committed to fostering exceptional client connections. Members of the team ensure that they are accessible and available, as well as facilitating constant contact.

Private Client Group

Our Private Client team is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. Team members maintain accessibility and encourage continued communication by cultivating excellent relationships.

Managed Assets

Our client support team for SMAs (Separately Managed Accounts) and UMAs (Unified Managed Accounts) and retail mutual funds are committed to creating strong connections with our clients. Members of the team ensure that they are accessible and available, as well as facilitating constant contact.