Investment Philosophy

At Lagen Investment, the 6 Pillars of Multi-Asset Investing are preparing the ground for multi-asset strategies to offer the best returns.

As global growth slows, it is becoming more difficult to generate attractive investment returns. Navigating these volatile markets — and obtaining desired financial results — is challenging, but multi-asset solutions can help.

Privately Controlled Financial Solutions

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Multi-asset solutions are an excellent way for investors to obtain global diversification or complete their portfolios with built-in risk management and dynamic asset allocation under Lagen Investment's guidance.

Lagen Investment is relying on six pillars to build the most compelling multi-asset strategies.

  1. Transparency

Multi-asset class portfolios have a lot of implications. They are not old-fashioned balanced domestic stock and bond funds. Investors need to understand what changes are being made and why, especially with alternatives like hedge funds and real assets in the mix.

  1. Tactical Asset Allocation

Investors who recall the previous financial crisis and the tech disasters are well aware that asset allocation decisions can have a significant impact. To handle changing markets, Lagen Investment implements tactical movements that need a disciplined approach backed by extensive investment expertise, thorough capital markets analysis, and professional portfolio construction.

  1. Well-Managed Portfolios

Multi-asset class solutions are designed to make constructing globally diversified portfolios easier. Lagen Investment considers each investor's risk tolerance, and investment options include mutual funds, risk-based managed accounts, and diversified target-date portfolios for retirement planning.

  1. Risk Management

When selecting a multi-asset class solution, it is crucial to take into account cost-effective ways. Investing, of course, does not come without risk. Lagen Investment employs multi-asset strategies, which necessitate expert execution if investors wish to target certain risk variables and be reimbursed for the risks they take.

  1. Targeted Exposures

Lagen Investment is looking for a plan that is both disciplined and efficient. This entails taking calculated risks in order to meet the goals of investors. Every financial solution should be built on a profound understanding and respect for the purposeful use of risk.

  1. Cost Efficiency

High fees can put a strain on multi-asset plans. Lagen Investment provides low-cost investing via the use of efficient vehicles such as ETFs and alternative investing through quantitative investment techniques and low-cost trading.

Obtaining the Expected Results

The foundation for how we manage multi-asset portfolios is built on these pillars. Our strategic asset allocation selections are based on our forward-looking, historically informed capital markets research and economic and market forecasts. Our regular tactical review allows us to make quick adjustments when we believe the situation calls for it.

Our portfolio management experts also use their experience in managing quantitative, factor-based investing strategies to efficiently and purposefully target the risk factors we believe are critical to assisting investors in achieving their investment objectives. We prioritize quality, value, volatility, momentum, size, and dividend yield, and we use cost- and tax-efficient exchange-traded funds to achieve our strategy.

So, investing in this context is challenging. However, with Lagen Investment on your side, a multi-asset strategy will give complete risk management and a disciplined investment technique that will produce the desired outcomes.