Value and Achievements

First and foremost, we achieve outcomes. Our clients are wealthy, have profitable investments, and navigate the markets with the least amount of risk.

But that is not everything about us. Our passion — what pushes us to go above and beyond — is to accomplish our objectives while offering value along the way.

Technical Expertise Based on Science

Providing science-based, comprehensive solutions.

We strive to improve our abilities and technical knowledge on a regular basis so that we can use innovation to address client issues.

How Do We Explain it?

Value is a challenging concept. The definition changes depending on the client and the business activity.

This is how we see things: Even with seemingly trivial concerns, you must take the time to listen to customers, hear and comprehend what they value, design solutions personalized to their investment needs and aligned with their cultures, and do so in an efficient, cost-effective, and transparent manner. Our mission is to make clients think about why some asset managers do not exceed their expectations. More proactive thinking is required, along with a wider range of viewpoints, service that is more responsive, more creative approaches, more efficient relationships, and more worth.

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations implies significant investment in both our own and our clients' businesses. To make it work, we need to collect, cultivate, and deploy talent, tools, technology, and processes.

We are committed to the following:

  • We put a lot of effort into listening to our clients directly and through third-party assessments that give us a straight line on our performance and how we may enhance our service delivery in the future.
  • We invest in client and industry teams and this helps us understand various aspects of the business.
  • We invest in processes and technology that decrease the costs, burdens, and uncertainties of trading, such as our unique investment project management system and our world-class Profit Counsel Team.
  • We invest in your team's education by providing free lectures on corporate privilege from experts — and much more.
  • We support pro bono partnerships, diversity and inclusion programs, and much more.

Insights and Industries

We support everything we believe will benefit our clients — whether it is about entering a new market, bringing in beneficial technology, recruiting talented individuals, or enhancing our associate training. Our dedication to industry teams is an excellent example.

We are strong believers in providing services to clients based on their industry. Not because it is the latest trend among huge investment firms, but because we concluded it is efficient. Clients are concerned about their portfolios. That is why our industry teams play such an important role in how we serve them.

Many asset managers claim to be following a common strategy. Few, however, make the necessary investments in leadership, knowledge, and support to thrive. Clients have long stated that, aside from cost-of-admission criteria like experience and responsiveness, nothing is more essential to them than outside counsel understanding their industry. By seeing the world through the perspective of our clients, our industry teams pave the road for more efficient and effective service. We are one of the few firms that look at the rules from a business perspective, with more teams involved.

It is very important to concentrate on a specific industry. We are a collaborative asset management firm unlike any other. Our financial specialists and consultants get along well and respect each other. It comes naturally to them to share information across industries. This allows us to "look around corners" and notify clients regarding significant changes in one sector that may rapidly spread to another. Our clients tell us that such knowledge is priceless. We approve it. That is why, through our industry team program, we have taken deliberate steps to ensure that our legal guidance is influenced by a business mindset.

Excellent Service for Our Clients

Clients rank the firm as a leader in delivering value and as one of the few firms changing the way investment services are offered, two characteristics that clients feel are becoming increasingly important to them.

That is why Lagen Investment has established a reputation as a client-focused venture that adds value, beyond the typical function of financial advisors, through excellent client connections.