About Us

We are a privately owned financial solutions firm dedicated to serving independent investors while maintaining confidentiality.

Financial advice should be straightforward, truthful, and tailored to the individual. It is all about our clients, their financial goals, and their challenges. That is why we provide our services with the belief that each client is unique. Our professionals analyze clients’ objectives and apply their extensive market knowledge to provide them with advice that can have a significant impact on their financial position.

Lagen Investment is a global provider of advanced investment strategies and asset management solutions, with an emphasis on delivering quality and excellence in all aspects of performance. We are aware that success entails a strong work ethic, as well as talent and dedication.

Purpose to Make a Difference

Our investors, their families, and our associates come first.

Our values are integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness, and these values have served us well since our inception.

Our Mission Is to Make a Difference

We give priority to our investors, our associates, and their families.

Integrity, devotion, flexibility, and responsiveness are our core values, and they have served us well since our inception.

Lagen Investment provides independent financial clients with a wide range of solutions comprising guidance, development, and financial investment methods. We consider that advisor selection is our business, and we are dedicated to supporting top independent financial experts who are committed to representing their clients' best interests.

You Are in Charge of the Ride

At Lagen Investment, we know that investors must choose the best approach for themselves and their families. The pilot is the individual investor, and Lagen Investment is ready to provide assistance and opportunities, including advisor-focused financial solutions:

  • A broad range of commission-based solutions for both qualified and nonqualified accounts;
  • Advice solutions for both asset management and financial planning with portfolio overlay management;
  • Platform options including corporate retirement or independent retirement;
  • Tailored services for a wide variety of alternative investments.

We are financial planners, wealth and asset management advisers, business builders, next-generation, retirement planners, innovators, investment advisors, succession planners, entrepreneurs, and business owners at Lagen Investment. Our clients come first, and we all need the freedom to design our businesses in our own unique ways in order to ensure performance.

We Think About Your Future

We Strive to Make a Difference

The mission of Lagen Investment is to develop a strong difference in the lives of our investors, their families, and our employees. Integrity, devotion, flexibility, and responsiveness are our core values, and they have served us well since our inception.

Our network of financial experts engages Lagen Investment on prime financial solutions and services, and we serve a large base of investment clients around the country and beyond.

Our high standards must always be raised, and this is our pride as determined by advisers and associates. We are in the business of helping others, and we appreciate our clients' trust, their gratitude, and most significantly, our shared sense of determination and ideals.

Culture Is Important, and Values Are Crucial

We share the idea that a company's culture has an impact on its reputation. We believe you can evaluate how a firm's management and associates interact with financial experts and manage company activities by looking at the firm's declared purpose and values.

We have been committed to our values of integrity, commitment, adaptability, and respect since the beginning of our activity. Our decisions and efforts on behalf of independent financial professionals and their investment clients are guided by these beliefs.

We are delighted that the investors who choose Lagen Investment share our values and our mission to make a difference, while also adopting an independent attitude in order to best serve their families.

Who We Are

Lagen Investment is a financial solutions company that is privately controlled and dedicated to supporting our independent investors and their families.

Our Values

Integrity | Commitment | Flexibility | Responsiveness

A Commitment to Independence

Lagen Investment, which is owned by its senior management team, considers that it is critical for its ability to function as a truly independent financial adviser with an objective vision and approach to financial services products.

The culture of a company has an impact on its reputation. Furthermore, how a firm's management and staff interact with advisors and handle business activity can be compared to the firm's defined goals and principles.

Lagen Investment's management and associates are dedicated to a set of basic values that guide everything the company does, particularly the level of service it provides to investors and their families. In short, Lagen Investment is pleased that investors who share their values of integrity, commitment, adaptability, and responsiveness have chosen to invest in the company and have entrusted it with their future accomplishments. That is why Lagen Investment places a distinct emphasis on its clients.

Technical Expertise Backed by Science

Discipline was the cornerstone of our foundation. Our focus has always been and will be on offering systematic solutions based on investment science.

We strive to improve our abilities and technical knowledge on a regular basis so that we can use innovation to address client issues. While doing so, we remain faithful to our quantitative approach and strive to maintain a genuine and lively culture.

To build on our extensive sector knowledge and better serve the investment community, we have strengthened talent and strategies.

Why Lagen Investment?

We have the ability to provide solutions that demonstrate value and growth. We believe in:

  • Putting the status quo to the test;
  • Taking a methodical, focused approach;
  • Building genuine partnerships.

Investment Stewardship

Stock ownership is an opportunity to partake in the economic benefits of a long-lived asset, and shareholder rights are a critical component in maximizing these benefits.

As a result, Lagen Investment expects the firms in which we invest to follow good governance principles and to think about the environment and the communities in which they operate.

That is why, on behalf of our clients, we use shareholder rights to hold public corporations accountable on a variety of issues, including director independence, executive compensation, and environmental and social concerns.

This stems from a belief that, rather than the widely held idea that investing responsibly reduces profits, organizations with the strongest possible corporate governance will be the ones best positioned to deliver long-term shareholder returns. We also believe that responsible investing may help all investors develop more wealth, even if they are not exactly investing with ESG in focus.